Most frequent questions and answers

All efforts will be made to provide a bed in the chosen category. In case of  unavailability, you are requested to choose from the available options.

 A patient who wishes to transfer to a higher ward category during the stay in the hospital, will be charged at the rates applicable for the highest category admitted, for the entire duration of the stay. This is applicable to all procedures, investigations and operations that have been performed on the patient.

The approximate bill amount will be sent on alternate days to all the inpatients. This is an estimate only and will vary depending on each patient’s disease, investigations and the category of ward opted.

Kasturba Hospital accepts payment through Cash (Up to Rs 2 lakhs per admission) ,Demand Drafts, Debit and Credit cards. Payment may also be done online using NEFT /IMPS facility offered by banks. The bank details will be available in our Billing/ Finance Departments. After depositing the money, a scanned copy of the deposit slip or the UTR number may be sent to the hospital..

This facility is restricted to domestic transfer. Any remittance from abroad requires a declaration from the patient party.

Note: Cheques are not accepted at Kasturba Hospital, Manipal.

Patients who are likely to claim for reimbursement of hospital expenses from insurance companies, organizations or Government agencies are advised to make all purchases including drugs from the hospital pharmacy. Kasturba Hospital will not endorse any bills for medications purchased from outside pharmacies.

An identification band bearing your name, hospital number and treating department will be given to you on admission by the ward nurse. This band should be worn by the patient during stay in the hospital and should not be removed or misplaced.

Your medical care is a team effort which is coordinated by a team of highly qualified and experienced medical professionals. Doctors, nurses, technicians, radiographers, dietitians, physiotherapists etc. will ensure the best care and comfort to the patient

The hospital serves well balanced, nutritious meals to the inpatients. There is an additional charge for meals across all ward categories. Hospital provides the complete dietary supply to ICU patients. This includes the liquid and solid diets. No food or liquid diet from outside shall be permitted for patients admitted in ICU. Patient attenders can use the cafeterias that are located within the hospital campus.

Patient feedback is very important for the continual improvement of our services. If you are not satisfied with the patient care and services, please inform our Patient Care Representatives who visit you daily. You may also contact our Customer Care Executive who is located in the ground

Floor, Smt. Sharada Pai Memorial OPD Block. You are also requested to fill in the Feedback Forms that will be given to you at the time of discharge. Several Feedback boxes are located within the hospital premises and we encourage you to drop in your feedback in these boxes. Your feedback will be kept confidential. However you may be contacted by our executives for further clarification if required. Our Customer Care Cell can also be contacted via telephone: 0820-2923188, WhatsApp: 7022923232 or email: customercare.kh@manipal.edu

  1. Personal Toiletries
  2. Pajamas/Night gown
  3. Comfortable clothing and footwear
  4. Identity proof (Aadhar card/Driving License/Voter ID card)

We advise against bringing valuables and large sums of money to the hospital. For your convenience, the hospital has a provision for depositing money in the Central Billing Section for safe-keeping. You may deposit the total amount towards your patient’s bill. Any excess will be returned at the time of final bill clearance. Hospital is not responsible for a loss of any valuables/money.

A Visitor pass is given to patient attenders. This pass is valid for the duration of the patient’s stay in the hospital. Our security personnel are instructed to view the pass of attenders at all entry and exit points. You are requested to cooperate with the same. This is to ensure the safety of your patient, the hospital personnel, and equipment.

AreaVisiting Time
Wards7:00 am – 8:00 am
1:00 pm – 2:00 pm
6:00 pm – 7:00 pm
IsolationVisitors Not Allowed
ICU7.00 am – 7:30 am
6:00 pm – 7:00 pm


  1. Visitors are not allowed during doctor rounds and /or when a patient is undergoing any procedure.
  2. Only 1 attendant is allowed with the patient during the stay in the hospital.
  3. Your patient needs maximum rest to aid in full and timely recover
  4. Children are not encouraged to visit patients in the hospital, as they are susceptible to acquire infection very quickly
  5. Visitors with cold, flu or any other communicable diseases are requested to refrain from visiting the patient
  6. A maximum of two visitors are allowed at any time during the Visiting Hours.

The management gives utmost importance to infection control and our staff undergoes continual Infection Prevention and Control training programmes.

  1. Attendees are requested to wash hands or use the hand rub before and after touching the patient.
  2. Balloons/Flowers etc. are not allowed inside the hospital as they may cause allergies etc.

Kasturba hospital has provided for a parking facility for patients near Smt. Sharada Memorial Pai OPD block, opposite Marena and near the private Wards. ( Artificial Limb Centre Block). A dedicated parking area will be available for patients soon.

Kasturba Hospital is under CCTV Surveillance 24/7.

Smoking is strictly prohibited in the hospital premises.

Possession and /or consumption of alcohol/illicit drugs inside the hospital is prohibited. Also, attendees will not be allowed to enter the hospital in an inebriated state.

Patients and visitors are responsible for all personal belongings and valuables. The hospital is not responsible for replacing lost, misplaced, stolen or damaged belongings and valuables.

The Doctor will decide the discharge date, depending upon the patient condition.
The actual discharge will happen only after the discharge summary is written by the doctor after completion of ward rounds.
The ward sister will inform you once the file is moved to the billing section for the final bill process. Once the bill is ready, you must make the payment ( if any), or clear insurance formalities.
The Billing Staff will give you a receipt after complete payment of a bill. This receipt should be shown at the Nursing counter in your ward.
Before departure, your nurse will give you the discharge summary and inform you the follow-up visit date. She/he will also explain the medication that you may need to continue at home.
The pass issued during admission should be returned back during the settlement bill.

At Kasturba Hospital, Manipal, we have a dedicated Insurance cell that will assist and guide you to avail hassle free cashless services


Planned Admission

  1. For cashless hospitalization, you are requested to apply for authorization at least 48 hours prior to admission. This gives enough time to process the queries that are raised by the TPA/ Insurance company.
  2. Our TPA /Insurance Cell will assist you with the pre-authorization procedure.


Unplanned Admission

  1. For unplanned admission, without pre-authorization from the TPA/Insurance, the patient is required to pay the deposit as any normal patient.
  2. Please inform the admission counter of any Insurance facility that you have, to verify if the hospital has a tie-up with that particular provider.
  3. The application for cashless authorization should be made within 24 hours of admission.
  4. Only after due authorization, the patient will be considered under a cashless category.
  5. Our TPA/Insurance Cell will assist you with the pre-authorization procedure.


Pre – Authorization Procedure

Step 1: Contact the TPA/Insurance Cell at Kasturba Hospital with your TPA/Insurance ID Card and collect the pre-authorization form.

Step 2: Your Pre-authorization form will have three sections:

Section A: General details on the health insurance policy that is to be filled by the patient/ patient party.

Section B: Details pertaining to the treatment recommended to be filled in and duly signed by the treating doctor

Section C : Details on financial estimation/tariff details

Step 3: Once the treating doctor has filled the form, submit it at the Insurance Cell, along with the enlisted documents **

Step 4: Once the form is complete in all respects, the Insurance Cell will fax/upload the same to the concerned TPA/Insurance.

Step 5: The coordinator at the Insurance Desk answers to any query/ additional information asked by the concerned TPA/Insurance regarding the treatment of the patient.

Step 6: The Insurance Cell will revert to you on the approval status.

The TPA/Insurance usually approves a part of the total estimate called the “Initial sanction”. If admission is not done within 2-3 days of receiving the sanction, the sanction will be treated as invalid and the entire process will have to be repeated.  


** List of Documents to be Submitted ( Photocopy)


  1. Insurance ID Card, Any Govt photo ID proof, Insurance Policy
  2. Previous hospitalization documents, a first consultation paper
  3. Employee ID card if it is a TPA group insurance policy/Corporate policy


Additional Documents In Case Of Medico-Legal Case

  1. MLC report, Narration of report, FIR.

Discharge Procedure

If the bill amount exceeds the authorized limit, the Billing department will send a reminder for further enhancement to the TPA/insurance. In case, the TPA/Insurance denies the enhancement of the amount, the patient needs to start making interim payments and In case of denial, the patient has to bear the expenses and claim the same from the Insurance provider post-discharge from the hospital.


  1. The consolidated final bill will be processed with the concerned TPA/Insurance for enhancement. Further approval or reconfirmation of the case will take up to 4 hours from the time of the final bill and discharge summary processing. You are requested to bear with this delay in the discharge formalities.
  2. The photocopy of the discharge summary and bill will be given to you. You need to make a nominal payment if you require the investigation reports and detailed bill. The original bill would be sent to the concerned TPA/Insurance.


Please Note

The Insurance Cell is only a facilitator and has no authority to approve/disapprove any requests for cashless hospitalization. The Insurance Cell cannot guarantee on approval of cashless hospitalization or complete coverage of hospitalization expenses.


  1. The patient must give correct and consistent medical history and details to the doctor while filling the pre-authorization form. In case the claim gets denied due to inconsistent information, the patient will be responsible for the detail have and has to settle the hospital bill.
  2. The patient must be hospitalized for a minimum of 24 hours for availing cashless facility as an inpatient.
  3. Some items like diet, non-medical items etc. may not be covered under your Insurance policy. In such cases, the patient needs to settle the bill in full.
  4. Pre-authorization by the TPA/Insurer does not automatically guarantee that the final bill is approved. There is a possibility of denial of authorization at any point during the hospital stay. In such cases, the patient needs to settle the full bill.

You are requested to intimate your doctor/ Nursing Staff in advance if you need a medical certificate or Fitness to Fly certificate etc. as proof of your stay in the hospital. You can also come on a later date and get the certificates if for some reason you are unable to get the Certificate at the time of discharge.

Foreign Patients who wish to come to Kasturba Hospital for treatment as Inpatients are requested to contact the Customer Care Cell on or before arrival. The Customer Care Executive will assist with the registration, Consultation and if required with the admission process. They will also assist with the registration of residential permit which is mandatory for all patients who are hospitalized. This is done in coordination with the office of the superintendent of Police.

There are cyber cafes and photocopying centers situated in the hospital premises.

There is a luggage room situated in the first floor – Old OPD block. Patients are advised to keep their belongings there at a nominal fee and collect them later.

A new dormitory block is constructed for the benefit of patient visitors and attenders. By making a minimum payment, patient attenders can avail the Dormitory facility which is located within the hospital campus.

  1. To know the name and qualification of his / her doctor.
  2. To know about his / her health, diagnosis, outcome, the approximate cost of treatment and diet prevention.
  3. To give/withdraw or withhold consent for any treatment, procedure, blood transfusion research protocol.
  4. To seek the second opinion before giving consent.
  5. To choose the course of treatment from various options as advised by the doctor.
  6. To decide about care or refuse treatment.
  7. The personal dignity and privacy of every patient must be protected during their stay at the Hospital, consultation, examination. The confidentiality of the records of the patients must be protected unless otherwise required by law.
  8. To deny disclosure of any information, photographs, videos, about nature of the illness, nature of treatment, an outcome of treatment to the general public / any third party.
  9. Uniform care shall be provided to each and every patient irrespective of his / her race, culture, caste, religion, age, gender or physical disability.
  10. Any patient shall not be neglected or abused.
  11. Each patient shall be advised of any changes in treatment prior to the changes. Each patient shall be advised follow-up care after discharge.
  1. To respect hospital personnel and property.
  2. To abide by hospital rules and regulation.
  3. Accept that your Doctor may have to attend more serious patient than you.
  4. Accept that patient requiring emergency care is the high priority for your Doctor.
  5. Ensure that all the information given to the hospital is true, correct, complete and accurate in all respects.
  6. Follow your Doctor’s instruction carefully.
  7. Accept action taken by hospital to ensure your safe and secure stay, and to ensure privacy, confidentiality of your information.
  8. To keep your appointments.
  9. Ensure that payments are made in time.
  10. In case you require any clarification or have suggestions to make or have a grievance, please Contact us at Help Desk (phone number): 0820 2922761 or Customer Care Feedback Cell (phone number) 0820 2923188 or through patient feedback forms available in all OPD’s, wards and ICU’s.

Emergency : +91 820 2575555

Help Desk : +91 820 2923265 / 2922761

Enquiry : +91 820 2571201

Appointment : +91 820 2571967

Customer Care : +91 820 2923188

Ambulance : +91 820 2575555