Pediatric Hematology & Oncology

Childhood cancers are unique type of cancers, the etiology of which is uncertain however majority of these cancers are curable. Common cancers seen in childhood include Acute Leukemia (Blood cancers), solid tumor like neuroblastoma, Wilms’ Tumor and Brain tumors. The cure rates of these cancers have improved from less than 10% survival in 1960’s to > 90% survival in the present age. Outcome of childhood cancers is one of the most impressive amongst all cancers across age groups put together provided these cancers are diagnosed early and treated appropriately. 


Pediatric Benign Hematological Problems

Pediatric benign hematologic disorders can be grouped into two major types, i.e. problem with blood production or problem with blood clotting. Blood productions defects can be due to Nutritional deficiencies (like Iron deficiency anemia, Megaloblastic anemia) or due to increased blood destruction like hemolytic anemias which commonly include Thalassemia, Sickle cell anemia, Spherocytosis, G-6PD deficiency. Blood clotting problems may result in bleeding (Hemophilia, Von-Willebrand disease platelets disorders like Glanzman thrombasthenia) or thrombosis (due to excessive clotting). Early Identification and treatment of these blood disorders based on protocol-based approach can significantly improve quality of life of these children. The liaison with other departments like orthopedics, endocrinology, pediatric cardiologist, physiotherapy and occupation therapy ensures that every child with benign hematological problem gets a comprehensive care.  


A full-fledged 20 bedded pediatric haemato-oncology ward with state-of-the-art induction rooms with hepa filters to prevent infections. The ward is ideal for all childhood cancer treatment including bone marrow transplantation. The ward also features a day care unit for OPD based blood transfusion and chemotherapy. The chemotherapy is prepared under laminar flow with strict asepsis. The division also has dedicated pediatric nutritionist and pediatric nurses trained in Oncological aspects. The unit is managed by doctors trained in well reputed institutions from India.

As our motto is to treat all children with cancer irrespective of socio-economic status, there is a pediatric cancer care fund which makes sure that no child with cancer abandons treatment due to financial constraints. The division works with few NGO’s like Indian Cancer Society, Jiv Daya Foundation and Cuddles foundation which are dedicated towards supporting children with cancer by providing monetary support, human resources and nutritional supplementation.

Surgical Facilities

There is a team of well-trained pediatric surgeons and surgical oncologists who operate indicated cancers in children as per oncological guidelines. They also secure central lines and chemotherapy PORT for delivery of treatment.

Radiation Oncology

With the availability of advanced radiation techniques, experienced staff and physicist, precise dosing and accurate image-guided radiotherapy are delivered to children with cancer when indicated.


Dr. Vasudev Bhat K

Professor & HOD

Dr. Archana M V

Associate Professor

Dr. Emine A Rahiman

Assistant Professor

Dr. Swathi P M

Assistant Professor

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